Meadows Youth Centre Nottingham.

Winners Make It Happen! Losers Let It Happen!

Our work with young people can and does make a lasting impact by encouraging young people to take responsibility and become involved citizens. It gives a voice to people who are too rarely heard and builds skills that will remain useful throughout their adult lives.

We encourage young people to pursue their passion for sport. Some former members of the youth club have gone on to become national and international sports stars.

Our special contribution to the development of youth work will continue to be our focus on the personal and social development of young people whose potential can be better realised through non-formal routes.


Build Confidence, Develop Skills & Engage With Others


Meet New People and Make New Friends


Meet new people, make new friends. A low cost place offering lots of activities in and out of the club.

Meadows Youth Centre is a place for young people, where they can build confidence, develop skills and engage with others. We work hard to help all the young people who visit the centre by supporting them to be who they want to be and do what they want to do.

In the process, we hope to raise their aspirations and improve their prospects for the future.

Our work with other youth groups and community projects helps to open doors for so many young people who would not otherwise be encouraged to develop their skills and social networks. The facilities and professional help and advice on hand at Meadows Youth Centre gives young people the activities and interests which will keep them from resorting to anti-social behaviour at an informative stage of their life.

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